Unchain your soul

Elementary School



Identify that which does not fit


Learn to trust in the template, its security, its capacity to perpetuate the unrelenting regularity of life

Subconsciously we learn that patterns lead to order, order to consistency, and consistency to financial responsibility

But what if the patterns that you observe are abusive and unhealthy:

A mother that constantly berates herself?

A sister who seeks male attention to fill a void of insecurity?

A father who is negligent and eventually absent?

A society that seeks to oppress those deemed  lesser?

We must follow the pattern to a point of recklessness

Those who confront the pattern are radical, self-seeking extremists

Thus we eliminate them: Jesus, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Malcom X

These individuals were not radical, they were not sensational

They answered the call that dwells within all of us

A call that says run to God

A call that says run to greatness

A call that says break free of the patterns our world has allotted to us, of the narrow mold we are instructed to fit into

They ran toward God



Fulfilling their purpose in this world

They were summoned to the next



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