Thu, 01/29/2015 - 21:45 -- books14

From the ashes I rise

to be held no more

from flames I am born 

to live life once again

I am never ending

No cage can contain me

for those who try, you must know

I cannot perish

I cannot fail


Those who want me

stand their ground

Those who believe

change their ways

societies cannot contain them

their wills cannot be bent

they have chosen me

they have chosen  the fire


Wars fought over me

Mankind died to preserve me

Out of cages I fly

the heat intensifies

I savor victory

I am a right, a privilege


I blaze,

bringing my captors to their knees

their embers turn to dust


For eons I have stood

outside the walls of injustice,

of tyranny, 

of falsity

waiting, watching for walls to be broken

as they come, yearning for my fire

I change them


men, women and children alike


But I can be warped, twisted

by the minds of men

Created into flames that I know not

They forget I am a phoenix,

a bird with fire

and power

I can destroy

There must be balance



Many lost lives to preserve me

But none have died in vain

I am hope,


I am a flame that cannot be extinguished

I cannot be hid


From the ashes of fire shall be woken

A new title, a new banner that nations shall unite under

I am that title 

The banner

I am the flame that burns in all of them


Bringing them together




of the sun I was born

…for I am Freedom


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