Ultimate reality

This is not the ultimate reality
My perceptions limit my understanding
Two words like; here, now, myself
Really, all labels are false
Every attempt of mine to describe existence falls short
My body, really, is not a separate entity
I cannot exist apart from everything
And everything cannot exist apart from me
For as sure as the sun shines upon me
Am I warmed and illuminated
That is existential truth
Nothing exists apart from anything else
I'm not defined by my perceptions
I am what I am
Unbiased observations are the truth
But I cannot attain them unless I reach enlightenment
Striving towards ultimate freedom
Will only push the heightened sense of reality further away
For cleaning to an ideal
Distorts my perception
And only was equanimity
Can I hope to pave the right way
Everything that I can see
Needs me to exist
And I need everything that exists
To be what I am
Life is interdependent on all things
If I could not perceive it
How could they exist
An observer must be present
To give existence to an object
Whether it be an intimate or fully alive
There is no sound
If nothing is heard
4 sound is perception
There is no exception
Just false notions of space and time
In less than ultimate realities
I am empty of a separate entity
Interbeing is the predominant theme
Is not me and the scene
There is only one
The scene and I are combined
Even that, in words, cannot be fully realized
For truth cannot completely be defined
It just is
And I just am

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