Ultimate Letdown


Broken tears and promises.
Dominant pain and damages.
Stabbing words, no providence.
They wonder if they'll ever know such love. 
They appreciate not the One from above.
Fingertips want to feel yet secure the glove.
They conceal to avoid the persistent shove.
One lives a life, yet feels it not lived.
The quest or journey just isn't as it should've been.
Emptiness lingers. No value told by heart.
Then letting go of life turns into the easiest part
Since it had no more value to the breather to start, 
They search for a place of safety. 
They look for it madly but ultimately,
They're ending it to avoid the crazy 
And with chin to trigger 
a bullet releases the frailty. 
We lie to the world and do not admit.
An expression of love still isn't enough to commit.
We see the plea yet we do not submit.
The Hurt--
This is why they try to hide from it
'Be not scared'
is what they say, 
'everything's under control'
And to think that would work to strengthen this soul!
False image displays of how life should be
Are what elicit the fatality of individuality.
The world moves forward. 
Act out your jobs as beings.
Chose a passion to move toward the "never stop dreaming".
This is what we are being constantly told
Nothing's getting better, 
At least not for we
Who carry carved the scarlet letter 
So we lie now at defeat. 
Life's crossroad parts two ways.
Both roads go so astray.
Either way the labyrinth is still a maze.  
Were forced to chose and so we gaze,
However in the presence of today...
I give up.
I surrender to nothing.  
Instead... I'll stay 


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