The Ugly Truth

Dear Best Friend,
My parents thought they could save me
Save me from the agony of real life
Save me from the ugly truth that is my story
But they couldn't 
They only made it worse with every minute they kept it from me
Instead of feeling a little pain every day it all came rushing at once, like a flood
The words "he's not you're biological father" sliced the air between us
I thought it was a joke
I waited for them to crack a smile and say they got me
But that didn't happen 
He handed me a chocolate cross
I couldn't breathe 
He handed me flowers
I couldn't think
He gave the same to my mother and said to me
"God put me on this earth to be your father"
I didn't know what I was feeling till my lap was a pool of tears
He opened his mouth again and the words
I love you rolled off his lips like a declaration 
He said it once more but this time it sounded like a promise
My world had been turned upside down
What else have they lied about
Should I be happy that this man in front of me stepped up to be my dad
Or should I cry for the simple fact that my own blood did not want me
It took my parents 13 years to tell me the ugly truth
They raised me to never lie because the consequences of a lie hurt far more than the truth
They were right...

Sincerely, Jordan

This poem is about: 
My family
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