Ugly in a Day

I am not beautiful,

I repeat this tune,

I hide away in my cocoon,

Try to disappear,

Loose in the crowd, 

I forget myself very soon.


Then you come along,

And as if you cast a spell,

I feel so beautiful,

And all my insecurities just fell.


The spell was soon over,

You were done with me, 

And you took from me my clover.


This is my story to say,

Of how I suddenly became ugly in a day.


Its funny how you say,

Don’t worry, all will be ok,

But I cannot see in the mirror again,

I became ugly in a day.


I will disappear again,

Forget myself,

And won’t miss this feeling of beauty, someday,

But for now...

I will deal with becoming ugly in day. 


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