To be frank, this isn't much of a poem.

More like a life story.

No, more than a life story; try a salvation.

Since you saw the word "salvation" you might have stopped reading.

But I assure you, just keep going.

Typical girl I am.

Wake up, go to school, hang with friends, go home, get ready for the next day.

Typical girl I am.

Look up quotes, watch anime, instagram, do homework, be with family.

Typical girl I am.

Make people happy, wanting romance, loving everyone, stressing with life.

Typical girl I am.

Go to church, cry most nights, responsibility too much, slowly losing at the game called life.

 Can I just be honest and say, this is a typical girl.

But throughout this poem did I once say I gave up?

No, to this day I will say I am blessed for the prosperity but more for the displeasing.

Mask? I no longer need such a thing.

I do not need to hide from whom I am, who the Lord worked hard on.

This precious gift we have all acquired is not meant to be worn with camouflage.

The mask covers important things, secret things.

W hy hide what people must need to see?

Typical girl I am.

The one that wont hide and is transparent.

The one who lives to free.






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