Two Wonderful People


These are two wonderful people,

I can clearly say are mine.

They love me, care for me,

And always give their own time.


They go to my events,

And cheer for me in the stands.

They give me nice clothes,

And I even get my favorite brands.


They always get mad

When I do something wrong.

But it’s not out of hate or revenge,

It’s out of love that helps me along.


They give me a giant boost,

During times of trouble.

They kiss when they miss a night of great bliss

But the fun we have is doubled.


You may be guessing,

Who they might be.

But if you feel the same way about yours,

Than this is for both you and me.


This might be a thank you

Or paying what they gave me each day.

But whatever it is, I’m glad that I did it

And got to do it in my own special way.


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