The Two Sides of a Problem

                           My life has always been full.

                           From education, to travel.

                           Except, these actions have values

                           From dues, to debts.

                           My wallet has always been empty.


                           My classes are really easy.

                           With learning, and cooperation.

                           It absorbs masses of my time

                           With study, and work.

                           My classes are really hard.


                           I fight with the people who love me.

                           The contempt, and inattention.

                           They call me out on my actions

                           The arguing, and yelling.

                           I fight with the people who should love me,


                           I will ultimately succeed.

                           So, I practice, and prepare.

                           I fear my inferiority

                           So, I doubt, and I question

                           I will ultimately fail.    


                           When my struggles pile up on me,

                           and become too much for me to bear

                           I try to see the other side of the problem.

                           How they make me a better person.

                           So, I reread this from the bottom to the top.

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