Two More Walked Away Today

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:52 -- BN15


She’s a high school student and her heart has been ripped apart

and now she is looking for a restart


But all people do at church is make fun

so she’s on the run


He’s a college student his life was filled with drinking, cussing, and lust

and now church people just look at him in disgust


He has been saved and set free

but all the church talks about is who he use to be


She stand now looking at the steeple

wondering what is wrong with church people


It’s like everything they say is in vain

and all they do is cause pain


she takes a seat

feeling the weight of defeat


she sets there as everyone walks by

and all she think about is how she wants to die


He slips in just before service begins

and everyone is still talking about his past sin


it’s already been a year

and he left his friends to be here


but no one even cares

and this burden he can no longer bare


He can’t take it anymore 

so he gets up and walks out the door


He never returns

but the church wasn’t concerned 


She walks out with tears streaming down her face

all she wanted was to feel someone’s loving embrace


She killed herself that day

but the church still had nothing to say


so many never come back 

because all they feel is attacked

Love is what everyone is looking for

but they can’t even find it in church anymore


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