Two Little Suns

When I was younger,

I wanted a sister

To share the world with

In the long run;


I didn't want one

Bad enough.

Because instead,

I got two-


Little brothers.


And they became more than my world;

Their smiles make me smile;

Their laughter makes me laugh;

They do what they can

To make me


I can't say they do a bad job of it,



Although they are burdened

With that cross

Called Autism,

They don't show it.

I wouldn't have it

Any other way.


I can't say they're close;

Like identical ends of a magnet,

They can't stand

Each other;

But they have one thing

 In common:

They love me,

And I love them.


They're my little minions,

And I'm their giggling Agnes.

Those little rambunctious boys

That love to remind me

That everything about me

Is awesome.


Most say their brothers and sisters

Are nothing but trouble and trials;

I am not one of them.

My Calvin and Hobbes;

My Mickey Mouse

And Donald Duck;

The two little suns

That my world

Revolves around.


This poem is about: 
My family
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