Two Lines In Each Day

The lost get found

when you let go of your attachment to them.



Let's not let the past get in the way of loving eachother today.

I miss you.


I've learned that if I'm really going to do something,

then I should do it and not mention it to anybody.

Because if I were to seek validation from others,

then my decision is weak, and doubtful and in need of reflection.


There are times that I feel I've gained enough experience that if I made the encounter again, I would know what to do with it.... But something fishy happens. It no longer happens to me. Ever, it just doesn't.


Remember when you used to do things for yourself?

All by yourself? It was like getting to know you all over again. 

Be good to you. You deserve it.


So what am I to do, to not try in vain

what am I to do to not feel ashamed

for not having given it my all?



Hope is for people who are not already living in grace.



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