Two lights


Please Read carefully, thank you. 



Two lights in his eyes, so beautiful, i praise him for it is he i can never despise.

The beauty of his green iris, spread through my soul, like the most potent virus.

My love for him i cannot hate for i must believe what has brought us together

can only be known as fate.


"Hark! i hear the call of the bell faded away, a haunting knell, with tears rimmed in

thine shining eyes it helps to disguise to the fears the lies.

How i used to love you, Mon sweet."

"The feel of your lips, is although the sweetest treat, do not fade away for i am

here, do not be ruled by your anger your hate your desecrating fear. "

"But why do you tell me this what good am i to you?

for without you i shan't know what to do!"

"My love... "

"is like a dove soaring beautifully across the sky."

"And it is here we say goodbye."


And with that he vanished in a swirl of bubbly lights,

each and everyone took flight to the skies as tears fell from both of her eyes.

But what was left of him was thine glass rose in a vase of crystal, sitting next to a

silver pistol,

and here she sits, to this day, weeping, weeping,

fading away.



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