Two Hands Once Intertwined

The promise he made to me about a hundred and one times, he broke.

"I will never leave you baby girl," he said and where is he now?

Only a shadow of a memory left for me to ponder in my head.

Sometimes a blurred confusion lingering my soul as alcohol meets my lips replacing his kiss.

Leaving me utterly broken and alone, I have to pick up the shattered pieces once again.

How can someone make you feel so complete just to leave you so empty in the end?

I didn't want their to be an end. I clench the vodka close to me now wishing it was him instead.

I replaced the aroma of old spice cologne with the smell of whisky, both that spark flames inside of me that is unwieldy to put out.

We were lovers who turned into strangers. Two hands once intertwined forgot what the others touch felt like.

Desperate to feel just one grip of his palm nearly drove me mad. Oh my body, my soul, and my heart ached for him and only he can cure me.

He pushed me to my breaking point and although he stepped all over my heart, I still want only him.

I want him to look at me like he once did. I want him to touch me like he once did.

Most of all I want him to love me like he once did, but that is something no genie could grant. A futile wish.

Only the pen of my anguished soul could give me justice to his unfaithfulness.

Poetry is my liberation from pain to healing.


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