Two Arms and A Few Legs

I have two arms

And a few legs

A torso, sure

And a head

And a few organs, I'm told

Maybe some teeth and some bones

I look at you

And you do too

You look like me,

a body with a soul

A fire encased

In a vessel

But you look at me

Like I am different from you

Do I not have my arms?


I checked, they're still here.

Is my soul intact?

I should hope so.

Then why do you look at me like that?

Maybe it's my hair

Cut too short for a woman

Or my sharp face

That was just a few months ago

Soft with the cut of femininity

Maybe you are listening to my voice

It's deeper octave might've startled you

But aren't I the same?

My clothes are the same.

I still wear all my jeans and my shirts.

My eyes are the same.

The same blue water

Against a caramel sky

My heart is the same

It beats the same rhythm

It flows the same way

So maybe it's you.

Have you changed?

Or have you always been this way.

Have you always looked at me this way?

Or looked at everyone this way?

I hope not.

Because that might mean there are more of you

More of this fear of the foreign

The fear of the uniqueness

Of life

Beause I want to live in a world

Where I am the same as you

But I am different from you

And that will be celebrated

Not scorned.

I want to live in a world

Where I am celebrated

Not scorned.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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