Twitter is the New Religion




This isn’t worth my retweet


Another anxious night and I just don’t know where to begin

Should I do what I want to do or

Do what I have to do? #teenangst

I wonder if 90s kids had it bad with corded telephones

80s kids with their radios

70s with gas prices

60s bombs

50s….this is where angst started #herewego

James Dean, the beats, cultural suppression, cold war kids, Elvis and rock n roll, Suburbian nightmare, vast wasteland of tv, ‘Nam and the silent majority, Modernity rising and family matters.





This tweet relates to me

I should share this with everyone I know

Or share with my friends

Or share with my followers

Twitter does a great job combining the two

And cancelling out their meaning

To signify people are not what they seem #truth


Functioning the next day, I wonder if parents

Leave it to their kids

To leave it to their grandkids

Wondering who will figure it out

Before the apporach of our next big bang.





Twitter is the new religion -- Right around the block.

Drive to the nearest computer -- You step on a place of worship.

Pass by the nearest cell phone -- You hear the bells ringing.

Walk outside any day of the week -- You endure the Sunday that never ends.

Quench your thirst under 140 characters -- The world rests on the palm of your hands.


It's all about what you can give

What you say to benefit others

Shaping into the mold

Followers practicing what they preach

Favorites utilized as cocaine

About the attention

To moan, in a tone

Of self-approval



It's about what you want to hear

At the given moment when things don’t conform to your way

Whether it's right or wrong

It doesn't matter

It's always about you.


Twitter gives us this purpose to participate,

commiserate, alienate, COMPLAIN...

Admit! you believe you have this 

forsaken right to complain,

that somehow the Founding Fathers constituted that 

from the beginning.

Unaware that every word said and constructed 

to form a complaint comes with a price #murica


Twitter bird, can you tweet for me? Oh, that’s up to me?

You chirp as though you mock me

Wings proven to soar and fly free whereas

I remain restrained and incapable of going anywhere

But here.


#LT Everyone is in need of telling their story

Not all at once, but in pieces.

But with the dominance of our screens

and replacing necessity of paper and pen,

the story becomes convoluted into shreds.



Not him, not her, not anyone

Only God can judge me

But "God is dead”

According to Nietzsche and his existentialist followers.

Who is there to judge?

No one really knows

We're thrown out here

Responsible for the choices

Incapable of handling life’s luxuries

Enduring uncalled for experiences

Confused for all eternity.


So enough with your absurdities

Misconceived notions

Impulses and anxiety

Compulsive need to get attention

To grab the focus of an already shortened memory span

Of an entire population...


...Because this is your only life and it's ending every second.



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