Twisted Beauty


Follow me and you may see,
Where the rippling lake mirrors the trees.
I do not find it a decree,
More simply this is only a plea.
It may be easy for you to flee
However , it is more magnificent to wait and see.

The world around is covered in wonders;
Grass swaying like silk along the breeze,
Steam rising from the water like a soft boil.

Walk along and do not be shy,
Else the slumbering birds will not fly.
The majestic path leading you along
The brilliant gleaming sunlight shining over,
What could possibly be at the end?

Mist curling our feet as we continue
Breathing ever so lightly to not disturb you.
Doesn't this amaze you,
Make you tremble with anticipation?

These trees breathe just as you and I,
Yet Have seen so much more! 
Does a falling tree make a sound when no one is around?
Do not ponder such trivial things,
Just ask what kind of stories it would tell.

Push on and move further,
Do you feel it yet?
That hiss behind your ear, 
That lurking feeling?
It's getting closer,
Or are we?

The land grows dim,
Your vision blurred.
You cannot see the land you are walking on.

You are lost now and forlorn.
It is hard to breathe words to make form.

This was anticipated from the beginning,
Did you feel at peace?
Or were you still weary of such perfection?
No matter, for you are trapped like a rat with no escape.

I will continue to pull you deeper and deeper,
There will no longer be light to shine once we go steeper.
Deeper and deeper, keep going deeper.
Once we get deep enough, I will show you something nice.

You will not want to leave then; you will fit in with the other mice.
No need to roll the dice, 
There is no such thing as a slice.

Now look, what do you see?
Surrounded by darkness and tragedy?
The whispering blossom in the distance?
Pink and fluttering in the darkness,
Yet never able to be reached.
Try, go ahead, I will stand her laughing
While you struggle to run from that very spot.


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