Twins of Wonder Learn and Ponder

In the fable of Hansel and Gretel, the family has become quite poor*

For a scarcity had hit and  the father had not much to get

So the mother thought “Getting rid of the children is a better score”

Twice this had happened and twice they had come back

The first trip lasted for only a few hours

The second three days and another to escape a witch's ways

Mother’s death didn’t bring many showers

‘Til it found out that she was their savior, from the father’s diabolical favor

For he used their money for drinks and gamble

Once he came home, like a wild dog his mouth filled with foam

He was the true reason they lived in a shamble

On father’s way home enraged, he was a bird who could not be caged

Beaten and scarred the mother could take no more

Of her husband’s drunken neglect and forgetting effect

Hiding her children far from the core

But with what they have found, a new foe that they have to discover

From their own blood, who shoves with a thud

Who stands over and cares so much as he watches and hover

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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