Turn on the Machine

Standing in the cold
Doing what I'm told
But it's finally midnight
There's nobody in sight
I go into my own world
And leave the other behind

Turn on the machine
Put on a CD
Let it play, let it sing
It isn't human
It wasn't born for destruction or with hatred
Just for CD playing

Turn on the Machine
Let it cure the hole
In your soul
It creates harmony
With no money
Let it sing for the heart
From machine

The machine isn't human
It won't betray
But its no cupid
I can't leave without it
I don't plan on ditching it

This machine plays music
Doesn't play with you
Or put a spell on you
It's works for usage
Not for your love

I need this machine to live
Keeps my innocence of a kid
Even If I did grow
It won't really show
Because I turned on the machine

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