Turn Back Time

It all started back in the day

when all we did was laugh and play-

but one day it took a turn

it left a mark worse than a burn

I didn't know what I did until it was too late

Apparently I thought I was way too great 

I treated you like trash without even knowing

I didn't know where it was all going

and then it all happened with quite a big bam

I messed it all up like I didn’t give a damn

I took it too far and asked you to choose

over the love of your life or a friend, you can't lose

you got so angry and annoyed and broke down crying 

it was my fault I wasn't even trying.

I wanted you to know I really did care

but all I did was make it unfair

I treated you like a caged up bird

wanting to get out, but never heard.

I was only trying to protect you

but ended up without a clue 

did I really want her to choose

or was I just jealous of what I might loose 

I was like a dog who wanted the whole bone

instead of sharing with a dog without even a home

It is all my fault now we aren't even close to fine

only if only, I could turn back time.


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