Turn Around, Please

And if I could've seen where the exits were, I would have ran for them

but your grip on the wool over my eyes was way tighter than the one I had on reality.

And I think you'd be happy to know that I still wonder where you are going

every time I see your tail lights get smaller.

You travel away from me so fast, you always have,

you've been running away since the day that I met you.

But I've been right here, always right here

my favorite color is stil turqoise

my eyes still light up every time I hear that song.

I still go to 'the spot' to think, the one I showed you

and I still think about how your eyes looked that horrendous afternoon.

I'm still scared as hell of limbo, of not knowing, of a world with no answers.

But it scares me more that I remember so much and remember so little

like how your arms feel

and the smell of your favorite cologne, it's still on my dresser at home.

I'm sorry, I'll give it back soon.



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