turn to

silence can be inspired 

pain can be inflicted 

faith can be tested 

memories can be agony

lonliness can be made 

madness can be sanity 

bravery can be cowardis 

the truth can be falcified 

serenity can be insanity 

but all the same 

limits can be passed 

tears can be shared

fear can be beaten 

wounds turn to scars 

blindness turns to sight 

faith can prosper 

serenity can be courage 

cowardis can be overcome

weakness can be pushed away 

madness can fade

anger won't stay 

pain can mean change

change can mean better 

agony can be lifted

memories can be cherished

                                           and always,    Always remember...

                                           that silence can be broken 



This poem is about: 
Our world



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