The "Tumblr Note" Phenomena

Don’t ask for Notes
Because  your life 
Is worth so much 
More  than that.
Instead, say to 
‘If the Sun rises this
Morning I will 
Too, because like 
Me, she only 
Gets a night’s
Rest and yet 
That does not
Keep her from 
Her job.’
Say, ‘I will survive 
Today because 
My bones are iron
And my heart is
Beating and my 
Lungs are still 
Accepting air
So that must mean 
The Earth will have
Me for another day
And I will stay for 
However long she
Wants me.’
Say, ‘I am one with 
The world; I am
Important, someone
Needs me. The grass 
Adores my presence.
Look at the way it bends
For me as I walk on it. 
As if I was a god.
The World needs me 
So I will stay.”


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