Tug Of War

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 13:19 -- JazminJ



It had threatened me.

And with every ounce of it I loved.

It had hurt me so many times,

 and I ordered it to continue.

Becoming so accustomed to it,

turned into my addiction.

One night, it dug into the back of my skull

It no longer let me dream,

Or close my eyes without seeing it

 somewhere in my mind.


Every evening I would feed the habit

The habit to drown it in chemical.

In a dark cherry colored liquid.

It caused me to burn my insides.

Enough! I cried.

I took both hands

Wrapped it around its neck

And crushed its throat.

I ripped it out, as it cried to the floor.


Laughing, I washed my hands

Smiling as I kicked it around.

Seeing how worthless it was.

Now, so harmless.

Now I can finally sleep. 



Written by JazminJ. 

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