You're cold shoulder, bipolar high roller disorder 

Is sympathetic, arithmetic, epidemic kinetic

Cope the rope and tie up the noose

Pull it too tight the limb will break off loose

Then you’re stuck in a bed all left in a pan

Don't be a vegetable to fend like a hand.


Bite the gum till it bleeds out numb

When you’re done draining out hope you’re proud…

You did it twice-

The crowd grows loud!

Nurses run in to mend the wounds

Your tongue is gone a minute to soon…


Paraplegic now you're dead

Are you in heaven or have you just bled?

Why are you so cryptomatic, paramagnetic, drawn to both sides? 

You've gone to the brink to rot on both lines.


Goodnight my friend, goodbye my dear... I'll love you always forever right here <3



This piece is interesting and i get the idea but the words you used were weird. Such as on line 2 i didn't understand at all since arithmetic is a math term, kinetic involves movement and all of them i just don't see how they connect. Also cryptomatic i can't find its meaning at all. They all sound good together and is pleasing to the ear but it takes away from the meaning.


That's the point... this poem is about a friend of mine that was never in the right mind set. Hey was brilliant and had beautiful thoughts, except- his whole philosophy about life was cryptic... something that he'd only understand. It was all jaded because of his mental illnesses. He created a noose around his entire life and it brought him to the brink... and now he's gone from mine and the people who really cared about him... but I'll always hold our good memories close.

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