Truth serum


Empty cans and broken bottles,
Loud music drowning out the sound of conscious thought.
You stumble your way towards me,
Slowly but surely.
With the smell of shame on your breath
You ask me,
"What do you mean you don't drink"?
A room full of zombies 
Slowly wandering around,
Can barely speak.
Those drunk words,
Your sober thoughts
I wish you didn't talk so much.
So many "I love you's" and "I'm so drunk right now's"
I almost forgot you were a competent college student.
With straight C's and a calculus test in the morning.
Maybe bud (wiser) will help you study.
I'm alone in a full room,
Misery loves company
And everyone here is drowning in their own depression,
But celebration is in the atmosphere.
freedom is in the air,
And we can all drink to that.


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