The Truth of The Heart

A positive Haiku, for those feeling not so awesome.
My poems speak from the heart;
With words to show truth;
Giving shape to my feelings.
Poems are my life's story;
Saving memories;
Writing the script I live by.
Like a snapshot of the heart;
Freeze life a moment;
Reflect on the better things.
But I write truth, not fiction;
Having my worries;
Is everything awesome?
What about the things I miss;
The things I wish for;
My goals that slip out of reach?
Everyone loses something;
Awesome, it is not;
Though all has a silver line.
Between the dark and the light;
Silver can be found;
Just a gentle reminder.
That though all is not awesome;
What counts is what is;
And what do we remember?
So write about the good things;
Write what is awesome;
Bless others with your great life.
There's no need to bend the truth;
Stay true to the heart;
Find the goodness in the bad.
For everything is awesome;
Looked at the right way;
So change perspective, I say...
This poem is about: 
Our world


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