The Truth about Me

My friends try to set me up many boys

And when they do I feel torn inside

Wishing desperatly that they knew the truth

I don't like boys, they aren't my type


I like girls with long legs and pretty smiles

And blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes

I like girls who are cute and quite a flirt

And who aren't afraid to do what they want


Boys never appealed to me

Not even in my dreams

I like girls and I know that for a fact

But I never had the courage to tell anyone else


So when I am asked my type

I say blonde hair and blue eyes

Purposely avoiding saying the gender

I wish I had the courage to come out


I wonder how my friends would react

The one who is like my sister to me and vice versa

The two that are pentecostal and don't judge me at all

How am I suppose to tell them the truth?


That I don't like cute, funny guys

Instead I prefer cute, funny girls

Ones with blonde hair and blue eyes

Who have pretty smiles and like to flirt


It's hard being who you really are

When you hide the truth about yourself from others

Every time my friends ask me who I like

I feel like I am about to cry


I can't tell them that I like girls

With blonde hair and blue eyes

I'm sick of all these lies

But I can never come out it feels


After all, how would they react

If I tell them that cute, funny boys aren't my type

And that my type is cute, funny girls

With blonde hair and blue eyes





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