Truth Is


Oakwood High School
United States

You say you don’t like us

That you can’t stand us at all

You say that we come here illegally

To steal all your jobs and stores

You say we don’t speak like you

That we dress slovenly and poor

That we only eat rice and beans and tacos day, night and morn

Truth is, you don’t understand

We come here because we want freedom

Not to steal your land

We can’t afford to buy at Hollister

But we get good deals at the thrift store

You criticize what we eat, yet you eat  in Chipotle every week

We might not speak English perfectly, but hey!

Do YOU know Español?

Truth is, we’re proud of what we are with our heart and soul.

Truth is, you don’t understand

There’s much more to us if you give us a chance

Inside, we are all the same

We’re capable of playing this game


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