Wed, 03/02/2016 - 19:55 -- blbee


Tell me the truth in this world

Tell me what is on your mind

Tell me why you are dodging my questions?

You ask me, “What is it so wrong in telling a little lie?”


The truth in the matter is that lying is wrong, and isn’t that obvious to see!

But my dear old friend can you not see, what all your lying has done to me?


With every white lie you have told me

causes a little more trust to wither away

This relationship that we have made

starts to crumble and crack


Little by little I start to fade away

Pretending that this isn't happening

Pretending that, that little white lie you told was just a joke

Pretending that you didn’t just break a hole into my heart


Because my dear old friend, that all those “little lies” you just told have done their damage

and with them a little less truth to your name, a little less of the person I once knew


The truth is you’re beautiful lie while I’m,

well, I’m the ugly truth




um is this how this works


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