Is it a person? An object? An abstraction? Something out of this world?

Should it be feared be feared or questioned?


It is the cars passing you by on the streets,

the painstakingly annoying peers surrounding you in history class

while you strangely ponder about beets,

the greed that evolved from thoughts of silver, copper, and even brass.


It is the movies you see on television,

the articles you read on the internet

but the alien reports are nonsense - don’t fret,

everything you read and watch are just versions

of manipulated ideas.


Truth is your perspective.

It is how you interpret the reality

that appear before your lovely face every morning.

Be cautious as it may be distorted by others

that want to cause harm and damage.


There is not one truth but many among our widespread society.

Before you decide on one, consider a variety.


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