Truth Is

Truth is, I've known you were here all along, I just never acknowledged the fact that your power was so strong. So years went by and I learned to laugh and cry, but I stil never noticed you stood so close by.
Truth is, I always believed because I thought it was right. Never had that relationship, we were never really that tight. But you continued shining your light.
Truth is, that's when I found you even though you were always there. So much I had to sacrifice and bear to understand you always cared.
Truth is, the relationship I built with you helped me get through what I needed to an made all my gray skies blue.
Truth is, I've had my flaws, big and small, but you were there through them all. Answering every call and even picking me up when I would
Truth is, I am able to be myself and love, only because of you!


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