Trust Issues

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 20:06 -- jcholla


Forgive me if I'm distant

Potential pain's to much to bear

I hold myself together

Thinking I will tear

I assume the worst

When the best may stand in front

I hide from pain and misery

They're always on the hunt

To the next I come accross

Be warned and beware

I will forver be at a distance

To come close is to care









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That fear you feel and distance you create is very similar to how i used to be. I know it is hard to open up and trust when you feel like it only ends with pain but you must accept that pain tor ecieve any of the good or else you arn't really living. this is a good piece try writing another about your experience outside of the shell your creating around yourself and i wil be sure to read it!

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