It is not

That I mean to shun you

It is not

That I hate to see you

It is not

That I dislike you.


I do not

Ignore you" just 'cuz"

I do not

Want you to hurt

I do not

Not care.


It is not


I am not


It is not

Anything you did.


It is I.

I. I. I.

I want to be friendly.

I want to be pleasant.

I want to help people.

I want to understand.

To love.

To speak.


But here am I,

Again, standing

On this crevice,

Leaning, stepping.


Yet in the end,

I cannot step off:

For I fear the fall.

Falling, trusting.


And you beckon,

But I refuse

For not the landing,

But the courage


I do not possess

To take the step

And lose control

Even a moment.


Because I hide

And smile within

Behind the glass

Of Composure.


Because I turn

Away from outreach

And inside, self:

I will not trust.


I will not let go.


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