True meaning of being "Flawless"


Some people appear to be "flawed"

but you don't see what their life has been like;

You don't see their pain, or their strugge, or their loss

You see what they let you see;
Whether it's a painted on smile or their actions,

some see through the cracks of the facade;

Not everyone see that through all their flaws,

that every living being is flawless;

Not even themselves.


That even the weakest animal is strong and important;

That the one person you never would've thought had been

beaten, saw themselves weak and unimportant;

That the kid you saw bullied and never stood up for,

that they attempted suicide more than once;

That one living being "beast" or human is not flawed,

society is;

Society allows people to believe that being flawless means

not having baggage that all beings carry.


You are flawless and you are important;

Society's image of flawless is screwed up, I agree;

But what are we to do when we ourselves

don't see that the person in the mirror is flawless;

Being flawless isn't something you achieve or

wake up being;

Its knowing you were made flawless and will always

be flawless!


You are born flawless.


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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