The True Me

If only, if only, is what I find myself saying almost every day. If only she liked me for myself and not the money I have? If only he liked me for myself and not for my body? If only he liked me for me and not for how much I weighed? Why can't people like others for who they really are? These are things that force people to put up what I would like to call curtains. These curtains are like shields and we use to protect ourselves because we afraid to pull it back because we are afraid of judgment. I am a happy, bubbly, and an all around nice person when my curtain is up. I possess these characteristics so I will not be judged. Judgment comes in different forms such as cyber-bullying, violence, and worst of all with words. No one wants to be judged for being themselves. I refuse to be judged therefore I have a curtain therefore judgment is pulling me back from removing the curtain. I do not want everyone to see the real me. I debate on doing it but at the end of the day my final answer is no. What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if I end up with no friends? I have a million questions running through my head. So why not keep it up to avoid a miserable life. The real question is would you rather be judged for being yourself or would you rather not be judged but act like a different person?



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