A True Love's Gift

I was thinking of what to give you when i dived into a world of dreams and imaginations.

So i thought...  

If i was an angel, on this special day, i would give you everything your heart desires and make all angels celebrate.

If i was a money maniac, i would give you on this day of celebration, money beyond measures.

If i was a high cupid, i would make all cupid bow to your feet and learn from you, for you shot the best arrow of love.             

If i was a goddess, on this delightful day,  i would make you a god over the world and keep you as mine.

If i was a witch, the most evil i could do on this day is to cast a spell to make you mine forever.

If i was a sorceress, on this special day, i would make the world bow at your feet.

And if i was a star i would wish you look up and smile at me to help me stay bright and light up the world.

You are worth all this and more...

But since am me, here i am wishing upon a star that you have the best birthday ever.

Happy Birthday           

My love!

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