True of False?: "i love you"

If I were to describe all of the reasons I love you,

It would start with the first time we met,

And, even though I wanted nothing to do with you

For the longest time,

I couldn't help falling for the way you looked at the world,

And the way your eyes would shine,

When experiencing something so peacefully simple,

Even if it was just lacing your fingers with mine.


You understand me in a way that no one else does,

And care about my thoughts and feelings,

Because you truly want to be there for me,

Every step of the way-

Even when I get lost in myself,

You make me realize that sometimes uncertainty is okay.


You know all of my fears and insecurities,

But you don't just brush them off,

They are as important to you 

As my every heartbeat.

And when I look at you, it's like I'm gazing into a mirror,

Because the only thing that I can see,

Is the selflessness of your soul,

Refracting my own image back at me. 


So here's to you for all the occasions

You've made me smile and laugh,

I know you are always there when I need someone to lean on,

The same is true for you, seeing that we've made this our pact.

Through all the ups and downs,

all the adventures, arugments, good times and hard times;

You'll always be the one for me,

Because that's what loving someone is all about. 

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