True colors of the World

We all see differently think differently no one is alike. That’s what makes us unique in many ways. We all look different we all talk different everyone has different life styles & everyone sees things different.
Judging someone as you see them is like saying you know everything and your right no matter what. But in reality that’s not the way it works everyone. Things don’t get placed in our hands we don’t live a perfect life .Take a look around and see the life you’re living in don’t judge something from what your eyes only see. You might see someone and something automatically pops up in your head but is it really true? It could be but you might never know, you might say one thing about someone but it’s not the real them. Words that are spoken are not always the truth. Making someone feeling unwanted & useless in our life time isn't the best feelings because once they hit a point their world come tearing down and their mind is in a totally different place.
Take time to think about if you were in someone’s shoes if you were them for just a day. Living their life. They might be wishing they were you. No one is perfect & most definitely no one’s life is perfect. Everyone has ups and downs. Everyone makes mistakes but in the society we live in we have to own up to our mistakes and turn them in to lessons. We have to make our regret moment we will never forget they might not be pleasant but at the moment I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed those regrets. 
One thing I never really understood was why when we do something good no one ever notice why don’t we ever get an award. Why can’t I get congratulation? But always when you take the wrong turn and make a mistake it’s like your life is over. People put you down everyone is giving up on you nothing is going right anymore. All of a sudden the word just stop and everything freezes up, your tears hit the floor and you don’t know what the next step is. You think you have no one by your side anymore because of this one little thing you did & it might not even be who you really are inside but no one knows that only you and you have to make that noticeable. I stop for a moment and think maybe the people around us think that if we get congratulated on the bad we do then we will continue &  if they ignore us on the good we do we will provide more just to be noticed. But like I said everyone see the light different and everyone thinks differently.
We might ask why this person throwing away their life and not taking on the opportunity they have or why is she showing this side of herself to the world. At the same time this girl might be asking why you are judging her when she never took to time to judge you, you don’t know what she’s going through. You don’t know her life story you don’t know what she been through. She might going through a time in her life she can’t control where she can’t really show who she really is. All you might know at this moment is her name & how she looks and dress and all these things you might know can be a lie you will never know. The next time you want to judge and ask questions how about you say. Is this the real you? Are these your true colors? Or are you just putting on a show to see what the world would say?


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