True Beauty



When people ask me,

What would you change?

They are surprised to find, that it's not my personality.

If I were to change something, it would not only affect you and me,

But also everyone you see.

The thing that I would like to change

Surrounds us every day.

It's what we strive for, what we should breath,

What we yearn for, and what we need.

The thing I would like to change is,


Not the feeling of, or the action of,

But the definition of,


Not the definition found in the dictionary,

Because it’s pretty spot on,

It says that it’s when you have

An intense deep feeling for someone.

The definition I want to change,

Is the one society tells us everyday.

It says that it’s a feeling that’s only true,

If we agree upon it too.

Since Love is a feeling, that’s intense and deep,

No one can tell it what to do

Or what to say.

It’s spontaneous and it’s beautiful

And true beauty should never

Be controlled or tamed



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