What horror has appeared on screen
What ghastl things that can be seen
From cyber-space an image bears
Upon my monitor with a thousand shares


A tear trickles from my eye
As all I can utter is a cry
I thought that I was safe and secure
Free from online saboteurs


My life has faded and turned to black
All because of one Facebook hack
The comments and the likes begin
There are more and plenty to my chagrin


Like an eruption from a volcano
The magma flows with lol's and lmao
A landslide of haha's and omg's
Crashes down and buries me


I feel faint this does not compute
Will it go away if I press reboot?
There is no other option my fate has been read
I'll have to quit Facebook and use Twitter instead
I think it'll work but I have my doubt
Why wasn't I smart enough to press log-out?


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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