Trite and True

Because I love you

I can distinguish the smell of your fart from somebody else’s

in a room full of people.

I will happily endure yet another

miasmic episode

like the one at the Christmas party

and the very thought of this will

make me miss you when we are apart.

Because I love you


I will abide the long-distance


because being sundered from you

is better than being

close to someone else.

Hearing your voice on the phone

makes me giddier than the

flirty eyes of my co-workers, which

I cannot deny—it’s in my

genes—excites me. But

I’ve made a choice

and because I love you this choice


my evolutionary baggage.

Because I love you


I am not ashamed to

abdicate my power

and be subject to your affection.

I know how terrible you are

and you know how ugly I am.

It doesn’t matter.

We share a closet—

we undress ourselves

and we protect each other’s

hideous secrets.

We share a bed and take turns

being the mother.

Because I love you


I am not afraid to admit

that despite what they say about

independence in marriage

I know the truth,

which is that you and I are completely and hopelessly

bound to each other. We are not


we are never totally secure

because we cannot imagine a world without

each other.

This is scary.

I don’t care.

Because I love you means

I will fight for the right to remain

yours whatever the cost.



I love you. These words are


but I will continue saying them for as long as they are


because I know how they make you feel.

Because I love you


I will always discover reasons

why I love you.

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