Trigger Happy Tongues

Words are our most efficient guns

Our mouths our cocked for self-defense and ready to fire at a moment's notice. The magazine of hateful words is spring-loaded has no capacity limits. With a bit of imagination, we can create a hail of words that will penetrate any bullet-proof vest. The whispers that come through our suppressed muzzles only further destroys the target of our tongues.

You don't need a license to own a tongue, you don't need a permit to carry a fully loaded mouth into a crowd of innocent victims. You are born with it and a right to use it.

Now, this same detrimental, divisive, disillusioned weapon of mass destruction can save a life.

If you inform the mind of an individual, this weapon and theses words spill life out of their mouths and into the ears and the souls attached to those ears.

When you speak life to the malicious speakers of the world ---instead of turning the mouth into a Swiss Army Knife of insults, slurs, and condemnations--- these malicious speakers learn that every weapon can be a tool for healing. These destructive forces would be able to take up the mantle of defense instead of gruesome battle of offense. Instead of a society of poison-spewing snakes, there would be a community of supporters and defenders of the weak.

So don't cut the tongues of those with malicious intent, because they will find new ways to share their words of hatred.

Don't weaponize our tongues so that we can join in the fight for the right of freedom

Let us use these weapons with discretion, wisdom, and love.

Maybe our children won't learn to take real weapons to settle their disputes as we do with our words

Maybe wouldn't have to mourn the loss of another martyr who died trying to save our kids, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and loved ones.

Maybe we wouldn't be so accustomed to the constant stream of children dying in their schools.

The people own the weapons and the triggers are pulled by people

So let us address the people who are turning these defenses into weapons

Let us address the people pulling the triggers

That is the only solution that we can pass onto our children instead of fear.

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