The Trials of Love

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 10:42 -- Tobias


You seek his attention


Oops! you were never mentioned


You were never worthy of his attention


You were a victim of his bad intention


He will never give his recognition


You contemplate in your head


Was he wrong, or right?


I’m just too nice


Longing for his touch for a night


Screaming from your lungs


You are grabbing my arms too tight


Word are exchanged


He will never change


You have been suffering from emotional pains


Your mind was gone already


However, your body stayed


Your craved for him


You laid for him


You prayed for him


You justified excuses


He left you clueless


Are you his broken tool?


Or just his selfless fool


Baby, he was never schooled on how to treat you


He acts brand new


You escape from being the same old you


To find a new dude


That takes care of you


And buy you fancy shoes


You have a lot of baggage on your chest


You put him through test after test


To see if he knows best


You got a text


You guessed it was your ex


You were correct


He tried to convince you back to his nest


To make amends for his sinful quest


Your new man says “just grab my hand”


“I can take you away from your insanity”


The man you have been needing is now your reality


You say baby let’s stay together for an eternity


- New Culture

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