Trees Over Barbies

When you look at me
What do you see?
Should I be in a tree
Or playing with Barbies?
Racing the boys
Jumping rope with the girls?
Can't I just get sick
In a tilt-a-whirl?
Why must I choose
Only A or B?
Why can't I
Just be free?
This body is strong
Yet it lies
It doesn't say
Who I am inside
Dolls and pink
Are not my pick
Having children?
Couldn't give a lick
I don't care
For sports though
I would rather
Put on a show
Binders and bowties
Do naught but choke
Bras with wires
Pinch and poke
No matter how I hide
Two things confide
To you the lie of me
I know you can see
Online chats are like mines
Angel baby what's your sign?
Please be okay
With who I am today
Same rules apply
No matter how you try
Put me in a case
I'll tear it like lace
Boots, beanies, jeans
Promise I'm not mean
Just let me be
Dorkatron, punkin
The words you say
To label my gray
In this binary white and black
Yes I know I lack
Adornments for my hair
About jewelry I don't care
Being a girl leaves me whining
Being a boy is confining
I'm me
Not special at all
The right call
Is to let me jump
When I bloody well please
Then it's a breeze
I'll bend it under my wings
Maybe I'll start to sing
There's talent in me yet
I bet
You say just watch the show
You have no flow
Perhaps it's true
So in lieu
Of notes and beats
I'll drop truths and rhymes
Save us some time
Not a girl, not a boy
Not somebody's toy
Not your piece of art
I'm strong and smart
Let it be enough for tonight
Otherwise I might bite
My patience wears thin
Erasing my grin
So here we are again
What's true?
I'm Fane
Who are you

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