Tree hugger

Conservationist. Tree Hugger. Environmentalist
Labels given to those who care
Who see how people are not the only ones alive on this planet and know that this planet will only stay alive if people change
Reduce Reuse Recycle
No it is much better to wait until we must plow trash instead of snow
breath fumes instead of air
as the oil of war runs through our veins and burns just as hot as wildfires caused by a politician whos lit a match to any proof that global warming is not a myth
Ignorance. Greed. Corruption
Crisis in California has been caused by the running waters of apathy 
but my thirst for change will not be quenched until i can stop holding my breathe longing for men in suits to put an end to replacing forests with plazas we dont even need
Reduce.Reuse. Recycle
I dont want to wait until we must pay for air for people to admit that it is not normal to use a brown crayon to color both the ground and the sky
but i guess the smog must be so thick that it makes even victims blind to the fact that theres a problem
Conservationist. Tree hugger. Environmentalist
I hold these labels proudly on my sleeve
because as long as i am alive, I will dare to care.



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