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global warming in earth air pollution and dirt pollution in the air through car gear   we need oxygen we don,t need nitrogen rising sea leves  by labour shovels  
We were creation of a prolonged evolution A billion plus nation with a cultural integration Lived in harmony with nature with admiration Daring never to disturb ecological balance
I want to capture certain vocabulary in the shape of you.    But those words should be free from humanities breath. Our scarring touch. 
Amongst all the safe havens brooding with yoylur presence could be one of those wondrous places.
 In a world where children are obliteratedBy chemical weaponsWhere strikes rattle the brains and deafenThe sleeping innocent are threatenedA man faces ArmageddonYet, He claims tears of joy for his twins are in heaven
Slowly we are plummeting  into a darkness that no one can seem to solve.  The planet is warming Our hearts grow colder.  The United States and Russia are dealing with tension As CO2 levels just rise. 
Walking along the beaten path, the fall sun shines on me like a warm bath.  This forest is the last.   I am alone,  I am one with the world.  I feel the heart beat of a thousand creatures, 
  Shades of black collide above, jostling each other Lines of stars bright and white, so vividly wild. Wind sheathing our bodies with every gust, Black leaves cascading downward into a dark swirl.  
Ah, behold the beauty of the world... The great protectors of the forest... Fall! by the hand of man The great oceans of the world... Poisoned! by the hand of man
Humans are playing again They claim to do work Yet they kill her Protest have been made  Yet she is ignored  Her fragile state  Is announced world wide
Conservationist. Tree Hugger. Environmentalist Labels given to those who care Who see how people are not the only ones alive on this planet and know that this planet will only stay alive if people change
This I Believe...   Tightening a noose around our children’s necks,  
About the Poem : Environmental Degradation makes me upset.  
We are of the sea We flock to the sound of crashing waves We walk barefoot feeling grains of sand slip though our toes We breathe in cold, salted air, and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin  
 what are the rays that hit our earth  they may be nice, the may be friendly  they feel so warm, and we enjoy   we have been warned, but we want more the day will come, when its too late   
Swirling, sinister, smog.
Very vague are the Various viscous Vibrations volleying With vast Motorizing strength, The blasting of the Motor To the best bang Of engine blinding The eye with
Dreams of pollution is not what we Sought. Bewildered by experiences that cause trauma to All. Visualize the land and how it used to be. We aren't going to ever see it again. Some things change permanently,
Dont be mad when winters are warmer Remember that bottle you tossed out the window Dont be mad when Florida's no longer there Remember the gas you burned going last year Dont be mad when its always flooding 
I wake up, another morning, so cold, getting up from this warmth that surrounds me, feels like taking a plunge into a world of no warmth. Stepping outside into the freezing early morning, 
To clutch at her fingers, would do little to hold A heart irreparably scorned, a bitter black cold A deaf ear, a blind eye, she turns to screaming faces Facing what they have done, Mother screams a bloody ode oh
I know how much she holds In the palm of her green hand Why they seem to spite her She will never understand Her tired eyes watch as they scratch at her knees More is what they want
Those who selfishly indulged in bailoutsInstead of going bankrupt,Who refurnished their lavish offices,Bought new gas guzzling cars andExpensive second homes with theirTax breaks and bonuses,
Cast off Sea winds light. Laying along the gunwale, I drape my arms Skimming the heavy blue A warm body, irresistible, so cohesive Unstoppable motion Sacred air Face of calm, archaic organisms
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