Trapped from Within

The face, the eyes, all full of lies,

The nose, the ears, filled with countless tears,

Tears of the mind,

Mindless emotion.


This magical emotion and endless devotion,

is careless and wild,

for it is the devotion towards others,

and neglect towards another.


Addicted to pleasing and confiding in those around her,

She surrounds herself with leaches,

Feeding off her anxious agitation,

Hoping to find consolation,

Resulting in temporary reassurance.


She finds herself running,

Running from the water which consumes her,

She drowns in the sincerest bogus,

the endless hocus-pocus that provokes her.


Through constant despiration,

She finds herself barely breating,

Entrapped by the baggage she carries,

the lies she bears,

the emptiness she feels.


They tell her she is free,

yet they provide nothing in return,

For her heart is that of a mighty soldier,

whose life is on the line,

crawling and hopeless.


And just like that,

she is duped,

left hopeless and confused,

unaware of her worth,

consumed by those who surround her,

the ultimate tragedy.


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