Trapped in Suburbia

Trapped in a so-called paradise 
I'm getting high off all my sins 
Watching the world as it tumbles over 
A loss for every win 

Throw me in the river 
That's filled with gasoline 
Don't resist the reaper 
He's far too fast and mean 

Show me the silent eve 
An eve on which we lie 
It's far too easy to run away 
It's far too easy to die 

We've dug too far and now we're trapped 
We can't just fly away 
The only way out is farther in 
Come on, it's your last day 

Every day I think of beautiful things 
Every day I get dragged down 
I don't understand why I still live 
In this Godforsaken town   

Welcome to the hell that I call home 
This is where I reside 
I need some cosmic energy 
This is suicide 

If I were a billionaire 
I'd spend it all on hope 
If I had just a bit 
I wouldn't face the rope 

Run with me one last time 
Up untill the end 
Run with me to the ancient stone 
Up around the bend                                      


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