Fri, 10/04/2013 - 10:18 -- yr2012


Dear You,

It’s raining. Outside my window, the Universe is lonesome. I wish there was something I could do to show that she is not alone. She is with the Stars, Mother Moon, and Sister Sky. No matter how alone she thinks she is, the more we keep reassuring her that there is no reason to doubt. These tears fall slowly down my windowsill, then all at once like a massive flood.

Dear You,


She cannot contain herself much longer. She needs Canaries to sing the blues away and the color yellow to brighten her day. I fear she is sinking into oblivion, spiraling out of control across the galaxies. I tell her; Sweet Universe, no matter how defeated you think you are, there is light. No need to despair my Dear, for us mortals shall love you more by each waking second until you can see again and even long after that.

Dear You,


She is clouded by judgment so I called upon the Constellations to show her her favorite picture; to sweet talk her sanity back and to disguise her battle scars from millenniums ago. The past can haunt us quite terribly. I fear the worst at this time. The Universe, she can’t stop the nightmares. She disregards her duties and accidentally allows tragedies to occur all around her. Who will clean up after her? I am in one of the labyrinths She built to keep bad thoughts in. She is smart, my beautiful Universe. She thinks I cannot get out. I know the secret she keeps to herself. 


Dear You,

Love can conquer all, to an extent. I have since escaped the maze and have returned to my duties as right hand of the Universe once again. She is resting now. Fear not my Sweet, I coo to her. I’ll keep sprinkling stardust in your eyes so you can see with clarity. One day you will be happy and able to love as you did before. I will keep shooing away the demons; it is not your time yet. We will not allow it. I will keep on drying your years and twinkling the stars and turning on people’s lullabies until you can do it yourself again.



Thanks for reading this poem! It's one that means alot to me.

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